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Keep your insurance

policy squeaky clean

A totally free service that keeps your own policy completely clean in the event of a road traffic accident.

Like-for-like, same-day replacement vehicle.
No excess to pay – average saving £348*
We act for you, Not the insurer.
Guaranteed 100% Free Service*
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After an Accident most think to call their insurance. We’re changing our clients minds.

Its completely FREE
All costs recovered from the other side’s insurer, so it doesn’t cost you a penny.
Save £££
Nearly 100% of our customers saved money by using us to manage their claim.
Quick turnaround
We get you back on the road within 24 hours, that’s a promise!

Three of the most common questions we hear

"Don't worry, my own insurance company will deal with it"

Naturally, this is often your first response. However, most big insurers use ‘accident management companies’ to deal with claims. These companies act on behalf of the insurer and are tasked with keeping the insurer’s costs down, rather than getting you your full entitlement. The only way to ensure you get your full pay-out and keep your policy clean is to call us today.

"The other guys insurance has said they'll deal with everything"

We usually hear this when the other party’s insurer believes the accident was their driver’s fault. This is good, but giving them control over your claim gives them control over your pay-out. This is not in your best interests, so make sure you call us as soon as possible to ensure you have control over your claim and get the compensation you deserve.

“Will I lose my no claims bonus?"

No, we make sure your own no claims bonus is not affected in any way. We also make sure your risk profile and premium with your own insurer are unaffected. If you use your own insurer, even when the accident is not your fault, this can still negatively impact your policy and increase your annual premium. Call us today to make sure this doesn’t happen!

Our core services following a road traffic accident

Roadside recovery
Your vehicle recovered from the roadside free of charge
Replacement Vehicle
Like-4-like replacement vehicle within 24 hours.
Claim Management
We will manage the whole process from start to finish
Accident Repairs
All of our repair centres are manufacturer approved.
Injury compensation
Connect with reputable solicitors from our panel.
Fault and non-fault
We can help both non-fault and fault drivers.

Motorclaimsline vs your insurance company:
There’s no contest

From the moment you get in touch to the conclusion of your claim, we’re committed to providing you with a service that your insurance company can’t match. And as long as you weren’t at fault, it’s completely free – here’s why.
Things we believe are important to our customers
Phone answered within 2 minutes without speaking to a machine
Your no-claims bonus protected and unnafected
Claim NOT recorded against your policy
Get the best possible valuation for your vehicle in the event of a total-loss
Phone answered within 2 minutes without speaking to a machine
Your Insurance
We’ll liaise with the other person’s insurance company on your behalf, and provide regular updates at every stage. After the stress of an accident, you can now sit back and relax.

Our process is super simple!
Call us after your accident before you contact your own insurer.

Like-4-Like Hire Car

We provide you with a comparable replacement vehicle

Insurer Notification

We notify the insurer of your claim and that we represent you

Approved Repairs

We organise the repairs with an approved repairer

Insurer Negotiation

We negotiate an admission of liability from the third-party insurer.

Claim Conclusion

We deliver your vehicle back to you and collect the hire vehicle.

Don’t take our word for it check out our trustpilot reviews

Do not contact your own insurer following an accident
Speak to us first and find out why
Start your claim
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To put you in a replacement vehicle as soon as possible, to Recover & store your old vehicle managing the repair process & putting you back on the road with the minimum amount of inconvenience.

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