Enjoy A Replacement Courtesy Car For Free
If you have been involved in a collision for which you are not responsible and require a replacement vehicle so that you may continue driving, Motorclaimsline can help. We are experts in handling car accidents where there was no responsibility.
Get A Similar Car To Enjoy Driving
Motorclaimsline will deliver a courtesy car that is of a similar or identical specification to you, free of charge.
Regardless of whether you were driving a Volkswagen Polo or an Audi R8, Motorclaimsline will ensure that you are provided with a vehicle that is of a similar standard to what you were driving. Should you require a van, we can also help you out.

Why Intelligent Vehicle Owners

Choose Motorclaimsline

We are reliable and trustworthy accident specialists.
We offer our clients replacement vehicles on the day the claim was made
It is completely free. The insurance company of the at fault party insure all costs.
Do I Need To Talk To My Own Insurance Company First?
In short, not at all
If you were not at fault, then there is practically no reason to involve your own insurance company. In most cases, it is almost better to avoid involving them at all.
Insurance companies don’t care
Many insurance companies to not offer a personalised, customer centric service like we do. You’re just another accident to them.
Insurance companies will make you pay an excess fee
Having to pay an excess fee on top of your annual or monthly insurance fee just isn’t right. That’s why we don’t charge any excess.
Replacement vehicles are insufficient
Motorclaimsline believe you deserve an adequate courtesy vehicle when you don’t have access to your own, insurance companies often don’t deliver this.
Get The Money You Deserve For A Write-Off
In the event that your car is declared beyond affordable repairs (written off), we'll haggle with the opposing motorist's insurance provider to ensure you receive a just settlement. Motorclaimsline will also let you use your free courtesy car for an additional seven days after your vehicle has been deemed as a write-off, so that you have enough time to find a replacement vehicle.
Most Brits believe insurance companies do “whatever they can” to avoid paying out.
Source YouGov
Frequently asked questions

How Long Will I Be Able To Use The Courtesy Car For?

You will be able to use your courtesy vehicle for the full duration of any repairs that are being conducted on your vehicle. If your vehicle has been declared a write off, we allow use of your courtesy car for a further seven days.

Will I Be Charged For Fuel?

All vehicles will be supplied with a full tank of fuel. We request that you return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel in it as when you got it.

Is There A Mileage Limit?

We ask that our customers do not travel more than 150 miles per day in our courtesy vehicles. If you need an increased limit, this can be arranged.

What Happens If The At Fault Party Isn’t Insured?

Sadly, we will not be able to help if the party at fault is uninsured.

What customers say about our free hire car service

To put you in a replacement vehicle as soon as possible, to Recover & store your old vehicle managing the repair process & putting you back on the road with the minimum amount of inconvenience.

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